From 8th November 2016 Seminars for those responsible for health and safety within their business

A half day seminar that gives health, safety and environmental co-ordinators, managers and directors everything you need to know to keep your business compliant and up to date with the latest trends and key issues across health, safety and environment.

We cover key legislative developments and updates to industry standards and guidance – all with a focus on the practical implications to your business, so you know what to do and how to prepare.

The briefings also cover key topical issues with a review of recent prosecutions and a ‘hot topic’ where we focus on best practice and discuss common challenges of the industry.
Who should attend?

Health, safety and environmental co-ordinators, Managers and directors and those responsible for these areas within their business

10 May 2016 through to 24 November 2016, 9:00am start and 12:30pm finish, multiple locations across England.

Dates and Locations for  2016

8 November 2016 Hook
9 November 2016 Cambridge
10 November 2016 Birmingham
14 November 2016 Warrington
15 November 2016 Sheffield
16 November 2016 Gateshead
17 November 2016 Bristol
24 November 2016 Melton Mowbray

For further information, full programme and booking details visit the EEF HSCE Briefings update page.