Did you know Musculo-skeletal disorders represent the second largest cost to business across the UK in terms of sickness absence and lost productivity?

Musculo-sketelal disorders are the second largest cost to business across the UK in terms of sickness absence and lost productivity. However, this can be reduced and indeed avoided with a pro-active approach, early intervention and objective assessment.

Soma can provide:

  • On-site support/assessment for individuals or groups of workers
  • Off-site assessments at our affiliated occupational health musculo-skeletal centres across the UK
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Workstation Assessments
  • Functional Capacity Assessments

Once the management referral has been received from your organisation, our physiotherapists will then see the individual, assess the pain and diagnose the problem. They will work with the individual to develop an effective treatment plan and rehabilitation programme. A report will be sent to management advising of the same and ensuring business focused advice is provided on every occasion. This intervention can help significantly reduce the amount of time away from work.

Soma also provides workshops, which include:

Back in Gear

For all those company car drivers who wish to take the pain out of driving, Soma offers realistic solutions to achieving good posture

Feet First

On your feet all day? Learn basic techniques on chronic back pain and maintain the health of your feet

Back to Basics

Dispel some of the myths and mysteries of back pain and learn how to effectively manage and maintain your spine

Injury Management

Recognise the early signs of injury and learn how to control the problem and prevent the development of a chronic condition

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