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Ageism and Work

In under two years over a third of UK workers will be over 50 years old. Based on current plans, they will still be 18 years away from receiving their state pension. Our population is ageing and our working lives are lengthening. This is not a revelation, but it is...

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Mental Health Awareness Week

The 14th-20th May marked 2018’s Mental Health Awareness Week. The annual event was set up almost 17 years ago by the Mental Health Foundation and aims to improve understanding of mental health conditions in all areas of life. This is an issue that we can ill afford to...

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Managing night shifts and employee wellbeing

Despite increasing awareness of the toll that night shifts take on our bodies, the UK’s night-force is continuing to rise year on year. According to figures from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) 2017, the amount of night-workers has increased by 260,000...

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Employers called on to help the fight against diabetes

Over the next 7 years we could see up to five million people living with diabetes in the UK. Around 90% of those people will have Type 2 diabetes, a largely preventable form of the disease. Recent figures from the NHS’s Quality and Outcomes Framework show that the...

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Keep those resolutions – Quitting smoking

We all start the New Year with such good intentions, but, a few months down the line and the enthusiasm of the 31st December can be hard to maintain. Some changes are too important to be left for another year and quitting smoking is one of them. Making real and...

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