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Seven Ways to Start the New Year Right

Christmas can be a challenging time for some.  Juggling work with festive planning is all well and good while the adrenalin is flowing, but once the decorations are starting to lose their sparkle and the tree is wilting, January can feel anything but...

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Are you discriminating against cancer suffers?

A recent poll by YouGov, commissioned by Macmillan of 1,500 people found that 87% of cancer suffers want to continue to work. The main motivation for staying in work is the need to maintain a sense of normality and keep up self-esteem. Unfortunately, 9%...

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Tackling Domestic Abuse in the Workplace

Each week two women are killed by their partner as a culmination of domestic abuse. The ONS estimates that 1.9 million people, between the ages of 16-59, experienced domestic abuse in 2017. The majority (1.2 million) of those were women.  One in four women...

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Ageism and Work

In under two years over a third of UK workers will be over 50 years old. Based on current plans, they will still be 18 years away from receiving their state pension. Our population is ageing and our working lives are lengthening. This is not a revelation, but it is...

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