Post Offer Health Screening

Post offer health screening is a simple, cost effective process available to all companies regardless of their size and structure.

Post offer screening can be achieved in one of three ways; depending on the requirements of your organisation. This screening is undertaken after the job has been offered, although it can be done at the selection process if there are justifiable specific health requirements of the role.

On-line, post offer screening:

Soma’s on-line post offer screening is a secure assessment screening service, offering a low cost and efficient service to our clients. Our on-line screening service can also accommodate other health questionnaires such as night workers, healthcare workers and students.

The main benefits of our on-line system include:

  • Elimination of manual processors
  • Fast direct data entry
  • Bespoke questionnaire design
  • Fully validated and complete forms on receipt of submission
  • Reduction in process time and elimination of print costs
Paper based, post offer screening:

This option is a paper based review, usually from a post offer questionnaire designed jointly by Soma and yourselves, in order to ensure it is specific and appropriate to your environment. We will then assess and within 24 hours of receipt advise you whether the proposed candidate is fit for the job role being offered and any reasonable adjustments that may be required.

Face-to-face consultation and/or medical examination:

Some organisations prefer to have a full face-to-face post offer medical. Where there is a risk of an employee being exposed to certain occupational hazards, for example, a noisy environment, the post offer medical is a perfect opportunity to establish baseline information. The tests may include audiometry or spirometry (lung function) screening for example, from which further tests during their employment can be compared. The information can also be used as supporting evidence during and after employment.


Counselling is used increasingly in business to help employees through a difficult time. Counselling can help people stay productive, keep them at work and more importantly help the individual deal with the issues long term.

It is normal for people to struggle with significant issues from time to time. Issues can be triggered by a specific life event such as a relationship difficulty, work issues, illness or bereavement.

Soma has produced extraordinary results through our counselling programmes, enabling people to manage and/or overcome their issues; providing a positive outcome for both employee and employer. This is especially in relation to increased employee morale and reduced sickness absence. Counselling provision may help mitigate the impact of a work related stress claim.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol misuse is one of the most challenging problems facing UK businesses. Misuse can alter a person’s behaviour, increase the risk of accidents and lower productivity.

The best way to overcome this issue is to have a comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Policy in place. Soma can assist in the design and implementation of this policy which enables you to legally conduct the necessary testing when required.

All our testing has a strict chain of custody procedure which produces legally defensible results.


Soma is able to undertake the full range of Drug and Alcohol testing to include:

  • Random
  • For Cause
  • Post Offer
  • Compliance
  • Periodic
  • Unannounced
Response time:

Soma will have a trained collector on site within two hours of the request for ‘for cause’ testing. This system is operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Other testing can be pre-arranged to suit your business needs.


Once the policy is in place, Soma can assist with the training of key personnel, not only on the policy itself but on how to approach and deal with employees who may be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.


Your people are your greatest asset and well-being programmes are proven to boost the attendance, retention and effectiveness of your people as well as promoting a sense of being valued within your organisation.

Soma offers a variety of well-being initiatives from a standard suite of ‘well-being programmes’  as well as being able to design innovative and intelligent initiatives, specifically for your organisation and its people.

Taking an integrated approach ensures Soma hits the spot first time, providing best value not only for the company but the best use of your staff’s time.

Click here for a flavour of Soma’s Well-Being Initiatives

Ill Health Retirement

One of the functions of occupational health is to assess workers wishing to retire from their jobs due to ill-health. This can include workers with chronic illnesses or incomplete recovery from treatment.

Our clients look for our help to establish the criteria for early retirement on grounds of ill health, where independent medical opinion is required by the pensions board. We provide an independent assessment service according to the relevant pension scheme requirements, from initial application to join a scheme, application for ill health retirement to conducting reviews of cases already under payment on the scheme, to ensure their continued eligibility.

Soma’s Occupational Health Physicians are able to provide expert, evidence based advice to clients, taking a risk management approach to early ill health retirement.

Immunisations & Vaccinations

Soma Health can provide a wide range of immunisations and vaccinations. These include:

  • Flu Vaccine

Many of our clients have been able to actively reduce sickness absence and subsequent costs, by the introduction of a flu vaccination programme.

  • Hep A Vaccine
  • Hep B Vaccine and Antibody Testing
  • MMR
  • BCG
  • Varicella

All individuals are provided with a health passport to document the immunisation and vaccination received.

Student Health Clearance

Soma currently provides a comprehensive health clearance service to a number of higher educational establishments, from initial health questionnaire screening through to vaccination programmes and final stage clearance. Soma manages the whole process giving our clients piece of mind, knowing their students are fully fit, immunised and vaccinated in line with the Department of Health guidelines.

We currently provide clearance for the following students:

  • Adult Nursing
  • Paramedics
  • Midwifery
  • Mental Health
  • Child
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physician Associates
  • Return to nursing practice

Soma Health also provides clearance for students training to become teachers and currently provides health assessments for:

  • PGCE students
  • Other student places such as MA Social Work and Sports Therapy


Trauma Care Programme

Soma Health Trauma Care Programme is a comprehensive package of interventions designed to reduce the onset of avoidable post-traumatic stress.

It is proactive – rather than “waiting to see” who may be affected. The Trauma Care Programme is activated automatically according to company policy when an incident occurs.

The Trauma Care Programme is a partnership between the employer and Soma Health. It is a flexible multi-stage process of interventions, which are based on proven methods such as cognitive and behavioural techniques as appropriate, and maybe used with individuals or groups.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Through our partners, Soma provides confidential, impartial advice and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your staff can access a number of services with advice on common subjects such as debt, divorce, childcare and eldercare, counselling provided by BACP accredited counsellors with extensive experience and expertise and online services such as Zest.

Zest is an online personal and interactive wellbeing portal which helps identify which areas of your wellbeing may need some focus and gives you all the tools, information and support you need to make positive changes. This unique health management resource helps your employees enhance their wellbeing and lead a healthier lifestyle.  Zest is also available as a mobile app.

Once registered, employees have access to:

  • Personalised Training Programmes – Improve cardio, strength, conditioning and flexibility. Personal progress is tracked graphically and programmes are updated as you progress.
  • Tailored Weight Management Programme – Calorie controlled programme which interacts dynamically with your personal fitness programme
  • Interactive Food and Exercise Diary – Record foods consumed and activities completed on a daily basis. The interactive food cupboard allows you to create balanced meals, menus and food lists.
  • Set your own Goals – Complete your confidential assessment and select the goals that are important to you and your wellbeing.

Management Information is available to allow organisations to track user’s activity to see when spikes in usage occur or when communities may need a reminder to log in. It is also possible to access to the Overall Wellbeing Score for the organisation, and see how different health, fitness and lifestyle factors are affecting the results.

The Management Information area also applies your organisation data against our Business Case formula which is based on leading evidence based research. This provides a monetary value on the investment your organisation has made in wellbeing, demonstrate a clear ROI, based on sound, pragmatic analysis of your wellbeing data.

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