Stress & Mental Health

Minimise the impact of stress and promote positive mental health

Soma provides practical solutions to minimise the impact of stress and promote positive mental health.

Stress related disorders, whether work-related or personal, encompass a broad array of conditions, including:

  • Psychological disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Emotional strain (e.g. dissatisfaction, fatigue, tension)
  • Maladaptive behaviours (e.g. aggression, substance abuse)
  • Cognitive impairment (e.g. concentration and memory loss)

In turn, these conditions can lead to poor work performance, higher absenteeism, less work productivity or even injury. HSE figures show that stress has replaced back problems as the biggest cause of absenteeism, losing British industry billions per year.

Soma actively helps our clients to reduce and indeed where possible prevent stress and mental health conditions within your organisation. We achieve this by offering one or more of our various services, depending on the client’s requirements:

  • Stress and Mental Health Audits – ‘Quality of Working Life’
  • Advice on individual cases through management referrals
  • Training for line managers
  • Resilience training for individuals or groups
  • Access to specialists, for example, psychiatrists
  • Counselling programmes specific to the cause
  • Mental health “well being days”


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